What we love about our job is diversity !

The sample of references proposed here is illustrative of our daily lives : the areas of activity of our clients are numerous, the size of the companies for which we work is varied... The important thing here is to know how to adapt !

Chez Marceline

Déterminés, Marceline et son équipe ont décidé de créer un marché alimentaire en ligne,

Site e-commerce

Création du site e-commerce, inspiré de la charte conçue par l'agence Placedelacom. Composez votre panier de produits du terroir français comme si vous étiez aux halles du marché !

AAGAC - Base de Pleine Nature

Base de loisirs située à la limite Aveyron/Tarn/Tarn-et-Garonne proposant des activités de plein air.

Site Internet

Refonte du logo et création du site Internet présentant le catalogue des activités proposées.

Domaine de Baldassé

Gites and reception room. Between the Tarn and Sorgues valleys, a newly restored property in an exceptional environment.

Logo - Website

An elegant logo, with contemporary webdesign and subtle navigation, reflecting the charm and authenticity of the domain.

A75 Motorway La Méridienne

The famous free motorway on the A75 connects Clermont-Ferrand to Béziers. This is the fastest and cheapest way to cross France from north to south ! La Méridienne crosses 6 counties and 2 regions : it offers a unique journey to the heart of the Massif Central.

Logo - Graphic creations - Website

Redesign of the logo and website incorporating a geo-localised directory of the services stations on the A75. With its other assets, the new website meets the expectations of Internet users and motorists who use the motorway.

Hamac Tourisme

Hamac Tourisme is a consulting firm in accommodation and tourism equipment management, with an exclusively professional target.


Creation of the firm's new website with a clean, airy and clear style, highlighting the professionalism, experience and seriousness of Hamac Tourism. The various services of the consulting firm as well as its references are valued from the home page of this site.

Doussiere Hotel Doussière - Alicanta Restaurant

Hotel-restaurant located in Le Rozier, in the Tarn Gorges. The fame of its chef makes you go round a few detours : his gourmet cuisine based on regional products is a delight for the taste buds...

Global communication

Creation of the logos of the Hotel and of the Restaurant and development of the graphic chart through business cards and flyers. Redesign of the website accessible in 4 languages, highlighting the visual and valuing originality for this unique establishment.


Since 2004, this consulting and support firm in business management has been offering sustainable and concrete development solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Millau and Rodez, Aveyron.


A website tailored to highlight Solianz's expertise, experience and team : existing graphic chart fully integrated into this uncluttered design, illustrated content with pictograms... A Blog section allows the author to share the firm's news.

Talk to you soon !