A human-sized agency

Since 2018, we are today the Sesame Agency.

This new name spoke to us on several points: the sesame of success, the sesame seed, and the famous "Sesame, open up!"
The idea was planted: your Web and Communication projects are unique creations, so what better name than this to make the ideas germinate ?

Une agence à taille humaine

The story behind this...

But let's take a step back in time: it was in 2006 that Cathy, Dave and Frank created the company, under the name Nevoweb. Each with their own strengths and expertise to bring the necessary care to their clients' projects! As time went on, the work became more diversified, and web projects led to more global communication needs. So it was time to change the name.

Little by little, other enthusiasts joined the adventure and the team's expertise grew, our objective being to offer you a complete service to manage your projects from A to Z.

Whether it's the creation of showcase or e-commerce websites, graphic design for all media, bespoke development, managed hosting, web writing and SEO... We take care of everything! And today, more than ever, we work on all our projects with a sustainable approach: all our projects tend towards eco-design. We have found a logic in this approach, which reflects the needs of today's companies: to simplify their communication, with a quality message.

True to the famous "Open Sesame", we open the doors of our digital agency located in the South of France, to ensure the successful completion of your projects. Communication and all the jobs that surround it are our daily business, so let's create the next part of your story together!

Talk to you soon !